Milla Group has a vast array of items in the kitchenware range. These are predominantly smaller items but they find a place in every home.


We have worked from inception to provide cost-effective products for household application. All these items are produced with quality in mind and they all provide great long-term reliability. They are available in many colours.


With this range of products, Milla Group has a stronghold in both domestic and burgeoning export markets.


Injection moulded items
DP-77 Basket MGL-351 Collender
DP-172 Ratan strainer MGL-378 Rice bowl w handle
MGL-306 Strainer DP-72 Mini basket
MGL-441 Baby bathtub MGL-342 Baby potty
MGL-360 Baby potty MGL-207 Small dustpan
MGL-702 Large dustpan MGL-126 Hand fan
DP-86 Basket MGL-099 Coffee box w lid
MGL-009 Click box MGL-819 Drinking cup
DP-108 Drinking cup MGL-837 Drinking cup (football design)
MGL-315 Baby cup DP-12 Tea cup
MGL-333 Coffee Mug MGL-108 Water jug
MGL-324 Water jug 1.6L MGL-504 Kettle 2L
MGL-711 Water jug 21 L MGL-513 Kettle 5L
MGL-018 Frosty mug 1L MGL-162 Deep plate
MGL-144 9" plate MGL-153 11" plate
MGL-612 Serving plate MGL-117 Lunchbox w spoon
MGL-135 Lunch box MGL-175/621 Rice pan w soup pan combo
MGL-081/090 Rice pan w soup pan combo MGL-045/036 Rice pan w soup pan combo
MGL-630/603 Rice pan w soup pan combo MGL 234/225 Rice pan w soup pan combo
DP-175 Bowl w cover MGL-243 12" Bowl
DP-35 Small bowl MGL-540 Ratan bowl w cover



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